• Phantom 4 Advanced

DJI's latest quadcopter in the Phantom 4 series.


The Phantom 4 Advanced offers a 1 inch sensor 20 mega pixels CMOS sensor. It has a built in mechanical shutter for all those fast flying shots meaning no rolling shutter distortion.

The camera offers a powerful processor that can support H.264 4k videos at 60fps or H.265 4K videos at 30fps.

Now your shots can be captured in High Dynamic Range. The 1 inch sensor has meant greater performance in low level light while flying 

What does all this mean you may ask ? Well it means less time post production and more time enjoying flying.

This camera offers a new aerial optimised F2.8 wide angle lens with a 24mm equivalent focus length 


Intelligent Flight Modes


This mode allows you to draw your flight path on the DJI GO 4 app . It will allow the craft fly forward in the direction while maintaining its altitude. This will allow you as the pilot to capture those more complex shots.


This mode lets the intelligent image algorithms to track and recognise objects while keeping it in the frame.  The new algorithms means is can not track more subjects like animals , people and vehicles. it will adjust in accordance to ensure a smooth shot always.

Piltos can now choose between these modes ;

Trace - Follow behind or in front of a subject , avoiding obstacles automatically.

Profile - Fly alongside a subject at a variety of angles to get profile shots of the subject

Spotlight - Keep the camera trained on a subject while the aircraft flies almost anywhere


Return to Home

The Phantom 4 Advanced  can now automatically choose the best path to return home taking the environmental conditions into consideration. The craft will record its flight path allowing it avoid obstacles on the return home.

In the event of disconnection from the remote the craft will adjust it altitude to accommodate any obstacles that was recorded upon takeoff .

The Phantom 4 Advanced will detect if the landing spot is suitable for landing. It will monitor if water is below and hover at an appropriate altitude and alert the pilot. 

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Phantom 4 Advanced

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